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Here are all of my “Multiple O” series. Please feel free to print out (they are set to print at 8.5 x 11) and post around your community or share on your digital spaces! All I ask is that you credit this website and distribute FOR FREE. This project is *only* to raise awareness of the need for women to have a 2nd Obama term. Oh, and email me if you want a larger file for poster-sized printing:




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This weekend, the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the newest YA novel sensation, The Hunger Games, opened to gazillions of dollars and confirmed that Katniss Everdeen is Hollywood’s next big thing. And, as an avid (and pushy!) fan of the dsytopic series, I obviously went to see it. I admit that I was extremely nervous, despite long supporting Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. She was exactly as I imagined Katniss to be in Winter’s Bone and, despite being older, curvier, whiter, and blonder than our literary heroine, I felt like she could capture the essence of “The Girl on Fire.” I was not wrong. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, though beautified to fit Hollywood standards (come on, she’s supposed to be stinky and smelly and burned and have blood coming out of her ear, not have eyeliner on!), captures the hardness and determination of Katniss with just the look in her eyes and the set of her mouth. Well, as much as the script, co-written by original author Suzanne Collins, allows her to… but more on that later.