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On the way back from dropping some friends off at the airport, I decided to go see a movie. The time I arrived gave me two options: What to Expect When You Are Expecting and Battleship. I know, really great options that speak immensly to my aesthetic. /sarcasm. Anyhow, since it’s summer I figured, let’s go with the extended commercial for Hasbro and the Navy cause big booms are fun. Bonus: TIM RIGGINS!

This post failed right after I’d written snarky delightfulness… I don’t wanna write it again so here’s the short of it:

  • Veterans only matter if they are oldz or disabled. (Hate the war, not the people, etc.)
  • Mrs. Andy Roddick: not bad. Surprisingly comfortable on camera for a model/actress.
  • Landry! Yayz!
  • Why are the aliens here??!? Is this just some sort of “Support your military, not NASA/science” GOP extended commercial?
  • I didn’t know Popeye was in this movie!?! Woot!
  • Seriously? Alien missiles shaped like the game pegs? ::eye roll::
  • Save your monies and go see The Avengers again. For really realz.


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