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Like The HunterSalmon Fishing in the Yemen is a film based on a novel that seems to have lost something in translation. I desperately wanted to love this film, as I’m a big fan of both Emily Blunt and Ewan MacGregor. Add in some angsty self-discovery and some making-cute and you’ve basically won me over. Except, there was so little make-cute! Sure there was the initial comedic tension of opposites attract, but there’s no big kiss, no overwhelming romantic swooning! The only sex scenes aren’t even between the main characters and Ewan MacGregor’s is the opposite of sexy. I guess not everything we see him in can be Young Adam hotness, but still.

Overall it was a sweet film and I enjoyed the fishing part of it more than I thought I would. Plus, the political machinery of Kristin Scott Thomas is brilliantly wrong. But…I just didn’t get the satisfaction I was hoping for after two hours of hoping for a happy ending. It was like getting a banana split for desert and only eating the banana part.
I want my emotional whip cream and cherry, y’all!

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