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So the blu rays of Star Wars came out Friday and I still haven’t given in and bought them, as I ranted about last week. I actually read an essay a few days later about how the argument that George Lucas is just completeting his original vision now that the technology and money is available is complete and utter bullshit, because Darth Vader yelling “Nooooo!” could have been added at any point in the last mazillion releases. Clearly, George Lucas has a compulsion and needs to be saved from himself.

Anyhow, a friend commented on my rant and reminded me of the awesome scene from Simon Pegg’s show Spaced. (BTW, if you haven’t watched this show, do yourself a favor and watch it now. You won’t regret it.)

In the series, Pegg’s character Tim is so upset about Episode I, he builds a funeral pyre a la Darth Vader’s for his memorbilia collection…

In this scene, Tim chastises a child for wanting a Jar Jar Binks toy. “What a prick.”

Finally, since it’s apparently Star Wars day all the time for me, here’s that Stand Up 2 Cancer video that’s been bouncing around the interwebs. I love Adam Sandberg’s whiny Luke. And the wigs.

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